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  • Next Day Results (tests can only be done 120 hours after arrival)

    130 British pounds
  • Next Day Results (£130 per person)

    130 British pounds
  • Same day results (£159 per person)

    159 British pounds


How do I book a COVID testing kit for day 2 or day 2 & 8?

Step 1. Confirm the status of the country you are arriving from using the link below:


If you are returning to England from an Amber-list country, please refer to the link below to familiarise yourself with the latest government changes coming into effect from 19th July 2021 (4:00am) for travellers travelling to and from Amber-listed countries:



Now proceed to Step 2 if you have been fully vaccinated via the NHS (i.e. you have had 2 doses of the Moderna, AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccine, or 1 dose of the Janssen vaccine via the NHS) 14 days or more before your return back to England.

Otherwise, jump to Step 3.

Step 2. We will require confirmation of your vaccination status before you can proceed with your booking. Therefore, you must present us with evidence of your NHS COVID Pass – you can provide this evidence either by emailing it to us on covidtestbookings@candhesher.com or by presenting it to us in person at:

Central Pharmacy, 68 High Street, Esher, Surrey KT10 9QS


Important: If you do not already have your NHS COVID pass, please note that it may take time to obtain.  For government guidance on how to obtain your NHS COVID pass please visit their website using the link below:


Step 3. Refer to the table below to determine the COVID testing form relevant to you. Then download the testing form relevant to you using the links beneath the table. Note: Every individual who is having a test will need to fill in a form.





* or fully vaccinated via the NHS but less than 14 days before your return to England

** fully vaccinated via the NHS 14 days or more before your return to England

 *** a pre-departure test taken before returning to England i.e. taken during your stay in the amber-list country

For the Day 2 testing form please click here

For the Day 2 & 8 testing form please click here

Step 4. Once you have filled in the form, please email it to us on covidtestbookings@candhesher.com

Step 5. Fill in the online enquiry form below (this step is optional)

Step 6.  Please call us on 01372 464 007 to pay and confirm your appointment date and time. 

Step 7. You will now receive an email confirming your booking, a receipt of your payment and a booking reference number which you need to enter onto your passenger locator form. 


PLEASE NOTE: Until all these steps are completed your booking will not be confirmed. 

For further advice please refer to the links provided above.



Day 2 = £120 per person

Day 2 & 8 = £205 per person

Once the test kits have been dispatched we are unable to issue any refunds. 

Please see further information about our refund policy here


We are unable to send test kits out over the weekend. 

Please see further information about our delivery service here.

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